Why Bikers Wear Tight Bike Shorts Singapore? 

Bikes whizzing past at breakneck speed on circular tracks with staring chaps donning black shorts that fit like a glove is familiar to all. But why are their shorts so tight? Don’t they feel hot and chafed wearing those strange shorts? Or does it not resist the bikes’ speed? And the line of questions can go on and on.

Cutting it to the chase, bike shorts singapore is critical equipment needed to accomplish a successful race. And they are made a snug fit intentionally.

Why? You will know the reasons here.

Ergo, let’s roll on the matter

Why are Bike Shorts tight?

The shorts for bikers are tailored specifically, keeping several factors in mind. This involves tight-fitting, flexible fabric such as spandex or Lycra, which reduces air resistance, padding, and rightly placed seams. Loose shorts on the bike can significantly influence the speed and efficiency of the cyclist. In contrast, a tight-fitting bottom allows an impressive range of motion in its extra padding and excellent material that does not bind the cyclist or get stuck in the wheel. The objective of the outfit is to facilitate the ride by reducing air resistance, permitting greater limb mobility and breathability.

Wearing fitting bike shorts during cycling plays a crucial role in one’s safety, while a stylish pair can perk up your looks too. There is a huge variety of bike shorts available on several E-Commerce sites. You can get those with liners, different colours, padding, styles, and more.